One of the most ambitious things I believe the City should embark upon would be the process of zoning reform. We have 687 different zones created by council's constant spot zoning and disregard for neighbourhood plans and the Official Community Plan. In comparison to our city of 85,792 people, the City of Vancouver with 631,486 people has less than 100 zoning codes.

This is the result of constant exceptions to the rules, deviations from the Official Community Plan (OCP), and seemingly endless exercises in spot-zoning from the council table. This is bad for homeowners as well as bad for builders. If we overhaul, modernize, and simplify zoning codes and bylaws that will provide predictability for everyone. Homeowners want to know that their intimate residential street won't suddenly have a six-storey condo building in the middle of the block while developers need to know what can be done with a property they are looking at purchasing.

Let's give both homeowners and developers reasonable expectations and predictability about the future of our neighbourhoods with zoning reform.