Walkable City


I absolutely support making walking safer and more enjoyable in Victoria. Our community spaces should allow people of all ages and abilities to conduct their daily errands by foot if they can. I lived in Cook Street Village for over five years and pretty much everywhere I needed to go was walkable. I would frequently walk to and from work, meetings downtown, and get groceries from as far away as Yates Street Market to as close as Oxford Foods. Victoria weather allows for walking year-round and I wholeheartedly support the need and desire for people to feel safe while walking in our city. 

I would also advocate that resources be allocated to invest in wider sidewalks, tactile paving for those who are visually impaired, and crosswalk upgrades that are standard pedestrian crossings, not confusing puzzle-piece intersections. This would include more pedestrian-controlled traffic signals and crosswalks with audible signals.