Sir John A. Macdonald Statue


Click here to view my video on this subject, filmed the day after the councilĀ vote.

I am in favour of taking the Sir John A Macdonald statue out of storage and gifting it to to the Museum or the Legislative Precinct where it can be put back up and a plaque can be erected that speaks to both the good and bad sides of his legacy. His statue was not particularly relevant to City Hall, but I believe the most appropriate place for the statue to go would be Confederation Garden Court between Hotel Grand Pacific and the West Annex of the Legislature. Hiding history away in a municipal warehouse somewhere does no good.

I was very critical of the Council's decision on this matter as I felt the rushed nature of the process and lack of transparency was very disturbing. Had I been on council at the time I would have moved to table the motion so that actual consultation with the people of Victoria could take place. Instead, the City Family, newspapers across Canada, and even the Wall Street Journal got their say on the issue, but the people of Victoria never did.