Having served on the board of Amalgamation Yes, my position on this issue is clear. I am in favour of amalgamation, however I am not in favour of reducing 13 municipalities to a single super city. Reducing to four like the Peninsula/Core/Westshore/Sooke model would be ideal as it ensures local competition, respects some regional diversity, and would ensure greater accountability with four mayors as the face of the Capital Region. For every regional issue, those mayors would face scrutiny and be unable to avoid taking responsibility as the current CRD framework allows.

This election you'll be asked to vote on a ballot proposal to establish a Citizens' Assembly to look at amalgamation between Victoria and Saanich. I applaud this initiative because it takes the power away from the politicians with vested interests, many of whom view supporting amalgamation as voting themselves out of a job. As someone who has studied this over the years, especially while on the board of Amalgamation Yes, I am confident that as the facts are presented to the Assembly, we will find overwhelming support. 

On October 20th, I urge you to support the ballot initiative on creating a Citizens' Assembly to look at Amalgamation.