Consultation, Accountability, & Transparency


Another complaint I regularly hear at the doorsteps has to do with the lack of engagement and transparency at City Hall. People are frustrated, feeling that our local government talks the talk on consultation but rarely follows through. We have seen numerous examples of this such as the plan to put a Tent City in Topaz Park, the Dallas Road fencing debacle, the lack of proper consultation on the bike lanes, and little-to-no engagement of local residents on the sudden plan for street parking for Crystal Pool. People feel as though they aren't being heard and see a real lack of transparency when it comes to decision-making.

As a councillor I would support shifting our Citizen Engagement department to focus on real consultation rather than Public Relations spin/self-promotion.

I would also support creating an easily accessible City of Victoria website with an online tracker where residents can view every council vote and see how each of their elected representatives voted. Expecting people with busy lives to comb through hundreds of pages of city council minutes to determine who voted on what is unrealistic. 

City council should be transparent to those we serve and represent.